What Technology Comes Off Worst From Water Damage?

There are many things that different techies hate, and most of their pet hates are because of what that thing does to their technology. For example, there are very few people who enjoy having stickiness on their technology, because all it does is attract the dirt and dust all around us that we cannot see until it is all congregated in one place. There are plenty of hatred for different things, and most of us have one thing that we absolutely cannot stand – but there is one that we all have in common, and we fear it almost as much as we hate it. That thing is water.

What Technology Comes Off Worst From Water Damage?

Water damage is something that destroys a whole host of things, but technology is the one that it always seems to go for. Admittedly, there are sometimes cases when something more important than technology is destroyed by water, such as when documents such as passports end up as soggy messes, or when favourite images such as wedding photographs are completely destroyed. But when it comes down to pure financial value, on the other hand, there are very few household items that can be as precious when it comes to water damage as technology, and it so happens that the water damage restoration options are usually limited for those devices.

We have all seen those tutorials online for how to dry out a smartphone like an iPhone when it has become wet, and although there are many different techniques that people ‘promise’ will always work – microwaves should never be attempted, but rice seems to bear more fruit – sometimes a piece of technology can just be so water damaged that it is really quite beyond repair. When laptops such as MacBooks or other netbooks have suffered water damage – either through an accidental spill of a drink, right through to full flooding of your home – the last place that you want to be is remembering that you haven’t backed it up in months.

So when it comes to technology and water damage, the key thing to remember is that you want to be preventative rather than reactive. It is much better to have a whole bunch of failsafes rather than clever and cute ideas about how to dry things out, so you should have some sort of plan put in place for all of your technology that you depend on. Smartphone? Back it up at the end of each week. Tablet? Back it up at the end of each week. Computer? Back it up at the end of each week.  Laptop? Back it up at the end of each week.

You can probably see some sort of reoccurring pattern here, and we are not being facetious for the sake of it. It really is that simple to prevent the very worst happening when it comes to your technology. After all, although there will be some items of technology that are able to withstand water in varying amounts, it is always better to be confident that you will only have lost, at the most, six days worth of data.

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